2019 in Review – Another year come to an end!

Once again, another year has come to an end… That went really fast! This means I am here writing my final post for the year.

This seems so abrupt since I haven’t written any Christmassy or end of year themed posts. I guess I’ve been having such a terrific and busy summer that Christmas was really just the icing on the cake. I mean seriously, the weekend right before Christmas eve, I took a trip to Portarlington with Charlene to stay at the beach house (awesome weekend btw).

Now let’s see, what did I do this year? I got into my dream course at RMIT Journalism; and completed my first year. Met a bunch of nice Uni friends. Interview some politicians during our federal election. Went to a few book launches – read tones of books. Celebrated Romeo’s 1st birthday Ability fest for the second year in a row. Graduated from Royal Children’s hospital; transitioned to the adult system (difficult and scary but all around successful). Transitioned to an NDIS plan and gained a lot of wonderful new carers who have become friends. Got a new brother (international student living with us now). Went to a few protests. Went to Canberra on my first solo trip. Went to Echuca with my parents. Saw a lecture by Barrie Cassidy (famous Australian Journalist) and met him! Interviewed Mary Gearin for an assignment (another one of my favourite Australian Journalists). Celebrated the launch of the Swanston Gazette (the student paper by the Journalism Society at RMIT. Attended a wedding. Went to Werribee mansion and rose gardens. Went to high tea at the National gallery of Victoria. Saw The Sleeping Beauty ballet – those last three adventures all within the space of a month with the same amazing woman. Spent the weekend at Portarlington; GOT MY FIRST TATTOO. And finally, celebrated Christmas with my entire family at our house – also went to boxing day sales. I will also be going to a New Year’s Eve party on Tuesday to cap off 2019!

So yeah, you could say it’s been a big year for me. If you’re how I managed to get all of that – that is what the iPhone camera roll is for!

If I made any New Years Resolutions last year, I’ve completely forgotten all of them. Well, all except one; to read 100 books this year. On this note, I can confidentially say that I really made an effort to stick to it. While I didn’t quite get there, I managed to read 76 books which is pretty close and VERY good considering last year I would’ve read about 5. If you’re interested, or you just want proof, I will upload my full 2019 reading list here shortly. 

I’m very proud of how this year turned out considering how much I did and accomplished. I did hit a bit of low for a while there and I think that my writing motivation suffered the most. Since then, I think the area I most fell short on this year was this blog and writing in general. My mental health as well as the added commitment of uni assignments meant that the quantity and quality of my writing took a beating. However, like always, I have plans for how I’m going to fix this and of course to improve myself in general. I’m super excited about what’s in store for my writing as well as my life next year.

Blog posts this year: 40 (including this)

Average per month: 3

Highest viewed post: Never felt so all alone; 1,068 views

Biggest traffic month: March; 4.2K views

Hope you all have a fantastic New Years and I’ll see you in 2020 baby!

Claudia Forsberg is a Melbourne based writer and journalist. She is currently working as a Regional Trainee with ABC Ballarat.


  1. Dave Riley

    All the best for next year, Claudia. I’m sure it will be more exciting than 2019!

  2. Wendy Russell-Clarke

    Amazing Clauds. I’m exhausted just reading how much you’ve done. You must feel onto of the world. You have moved onwards and upwards in leaps and bounds so I suspect that there will be no stopping you in 2020. You go girl xxxx
    Hope you have a very Happy New Year and hope to catch up with you soon.
    Wendy xxxx

  3. thewigchic

    You’re such a go getter. Well done. Happy 2020


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