Tea Chats #3: Welcome to my world

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations – I don’t know

Happy Sunday everybody and welcome back. It’s officially goodbye Summer and hello Autumn. Now, where are all my Pisces babies at?

Its March, my birthday month and tomorrow I turn… 20? Holy crap, seriously? The big TWO-ONE! Yikes. I am not ready for this.

I also happen to be starting Uni tomorrow so that’s both exciting and nerve-racking too. I thought for this month’s theme, I’d go for something simple: Welcome to my world.

All about me; my experiences, events and general updates on life as I currently live it. Perhaps you’ll get more of insight into my life and who I am. Don’t worry, I’ll only give you the interesting stuff.

I think it’s important for people to understand the complexity to all of us individuals. I’ve never really been able to put myself into one box or narrow my personality into a single trait. I have many different interests; some surprising, others not so much. I am fully of contradictions and flaws and sometimes clichés. But I am my own individual with a story unlike anybody else in the world. Just like everyone else is an individual. I’ve always thought; wow, how cool is it that there is absolutely nobody else out there like me?

There are some parts of my life that I wont and probably will never share with the rest of the world. But there are still many parts that I’m proud of and the beauty of my own blog is that I get to tell my story on my own terms. My stories are my truths in my words.

My goal here is not to simply drone on about myself but to show you that I’m human just like everybody else and hopefully my readers can find some commonality with me. We can have conversations and build connections.

So, let’s go along for the ride and see where life takes us.

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