7 things to do this summer

To me, summer is about being with friends, having fun, and making memories. I’ve had a fantastic summer so far and with only just 4 weeks left, I intend to make the most of what I have. Many of you have already returned to the harsh realities of work and study life, or it’s around the corner. But fear not, summer isn’t over until March starts and therefore, we still have some good weekends at least, ahead of us. Here is a list of ideas for you to tick off your summer bucket list to finish up your summer on a high.

  1. Visit the NGV

The National Gallery of Victoria is a fantastic place to spend a hot day indoors. The first two floors of the gallery are free to the public which means even if you can’t afford to pay, anyone can enjoy some art. There are also cafés and gift shops in and around the area. Make sure you take the train to Flinders street. It’s the best way to go if you wanna make a day trip out of it. If you do think you can splurge, might I suggest high tea at the NGV?

  1. Zoo, Aquarium or Museum

Children and concession card users will most definitely get some good deals at any one of the above three attractions. However, even for adults, the Zoo, Aquarium or Museum are well worth the money to go see if you haven’t already done so. I’ve personally seen all of it, but I will never get sick of the magical water kingdom that is the Melbourne sea life Aquarium, with all its pretty, colourful and spectacular fish. Don’t forget, there are also three Zoos in Melbourne alone!


  1. Werribee Mansion and Rose Gardens

Not only are these beautiful rose gardens perfect for an Instagram pic or two but its free and open to the public. Its positively the most romantic place I’ve ever visited and there is a café nearby to stop and have hot chocolate at. The mansion itself does cost money to enter but I do guarantee it’s worth it. As someone in a wheelchair who couldn’t even get up the stairs to the next floor, there is so much to see even on the bottom floor. Beautiful architecture and a glimpse into the lives of those in the Victorian era.

  1. Beach and markets

On Sundays, St Kilda beach holds a beachside market. Why not visit and while you’re there, grab an ice cream and walk along the beach. It’s another classic summer thing to do. You can never go wrong. Of course, don’t forget to slip, slop, slap!

  1. Movie at the park

Moonlight Cinema Melbourne! What a great idea and a first for me. gather some friends and bring a picnic blanket to the botanical gardens in Melbourne to enjoy an evening movie at the park this summer.


  1. A night at Crown

Get all dolled up in your cutest outfits and take the girls to one of the clubs at crown or for a night of fine dining and maybe a bit of gambling. There’s no harm in having a bit of fun as long as you limit yourself (gamble responsibly). I think the main point of going to crown however is just to enjoy something fancy. A treat for you and the girls.


  1. Take a trip into town

For me, it’s always fun to ride the rails into town – even as someone who is used to taking the train to uni almost every other day. I think that Melbourne is so big and busy, you couldn’t possibly see everything in one day. that’s why you should make a point of taking the train into the city and spending the day just walking around. Pretend you’re a tourist whose never been to Melbourne (or your nearest equivalent) and just explore. There is so much to do, see and of course, eat!

P.S. I saw this fantastic article recently: 27 free things to do in Melbourne, on the TIMEOUT website.

And that concludes my list of seven things you can do this summer. Hope you all enjoyed this wonderful season and good luck to those of you going back at school, uni and work.

Claudia Forsberg is a Melbourne based writer and journalist. She is currently working as a Regional Trainee with ABC Ballarat.


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