About me


So, for those of you who don’t already know me, obviously my name is Claudia. But let me tell you a little bit about myself.

In a lot of ways, I am the girl next door. I am no one special. In the whole scheme of things, I am merely a blip of a human with no significance to my name. I’m Just a typical teenage girl who decided one day that she wanted to share her thoughts and ideas with the world wide web and create a blog.

I have hobbies that include dancing and writing. I like to read and take long drives to escape the mostly mundane life that I live. I never leave the house without my headphones and when I find a new song that I like, I usually have it on repeat till it drives me crazy.

I think about boys and what I’m going to wear from day to day. I wouldn’t say I obsess over my looks but like any girly girl I will occasionally apply a new coat of nail polish or even put highlights through my hair.

I go to a mainstream state school and have a small group of mates. I’m a pretty good student if I do say so myself and I am a generally happy girl. I have dreams and aspirations for the future and I am very determined about a lot of things. There’s not a lot that gets in my way.

Of course, there is the other side of my life that is not so normal.

I do have a disability. Not a mental one, but a physical one. There is a scientific explanation for the diagnosis: Ryanodine Myopathy though even I don’t fully understand it yet (I was only officially diagnosed back in 2015). But to put it simply, the disability affects all the muscles in my body and means that they are weak. My muscles aren’t necessarily deteriorating or getting weaker. They just aren’t getting stronger as I grow. I think I have about as much strength as I did when I was a child.

The disability also means I can no longer walk. I walked till I was 12 but then my body was becoming more and more tired going from A to B. so I resorted to using a walking frame, and a wheelchair. Now I am in an electric wheelchair permanently.

I have poor vision and hearing and most notably a mouth that doesn’t fully close… yet. I did just have jaw reconstruction surgery in April 2017 which made some significant improvement but I still have a lot of dental work and possibly more surgeries to go. For now, my speech is a little bit compromised.

I know sometimes people look at me and think the worst. But what you don’t realise is that life is not as bad as it seems. Despite everything wrong, it could in fact be a whole lot worse. my overall health is actually very good with no internal complications. And like I said, it doesn’t affect my mental capacity whatsoever… I’m pretty smart! (did I also mention I’m super humble). The most important thing of all is that I am alive and my disability is not terminal. Life is great!

So now you know who I am, you might be wondering; Okay so, why should we listen to anything this girl has to say?

Well I’m not saying you should listen to anything I have to say. Rather I am inviting you all to take a look at the world from where I’m sitting. Perhaps I might provide you with insight or inspiration. A different perspective or at least a laugh. Come see the world through my eyes and I’ll let you in on a few secrets that I’ve uncovered throughout my life so far.

Have a lovely day! xx