About me

Hello, my name is Claudia Forsberg. Welcome to my blog!

Who am I?

Let me start off by saying that in many ways I am your average girl next door. I’m not so special in the whole scheme of things. But I would argue that I live a pretty extraordinary life.

Overall, I would describe myself as a very happy and optimistic person. I’m an extroverted gal; love going out and socialising. I’d say I’m fairly self-confident but even I get shy in new or uncomfortable situations. If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I’m super determined! There is not a lot that gets in my way.


I do have a disability. Not an intellectual one, but a physical one. There is a scientific explanation for the diagnosis: Ryanodine Myopathy though even I don’t fully understand it yet (I was only officially diagnosed back in 2015). To put it simply, the disability affects all the muscles in my body and means that they are weak. My muscles aren’t necessarily deteriorating or getting weaker. They just aren’t getting stronger as I grow.

The disability also means I can no longer walk. I walked till I was 12. Now I am in an electric wheelchair permanently. It’s pretty cool actually.

Most notably a mouth that doesn’t fully close… yet. I did have jaw reconstruction surgery in April 2017 which made some significant improvement, but I still have a way to go. For now, my speech is a little bit compromised, but it doesn’t stop me from talking paint off a wall!

I know it looks like a lot on paper but in actual fact my disability is not as bad as it could be. I’m in good health otherwise and like I said before, there’s not a lot that gets in my way.


I’m your average young girl. I think about boys and what I’m going to wear from day to day. I wouldn’t say I obsess over my looks but like any girly girl I will occasionally apply a new coat of nail polish or even put highlights through my hair. However, if you ask me to apply any make-up to the general facial area, I’m afraid you would be sorely disappointed.

I love dancing; I go to classes every Friday. I try to watch the news every night with the fam. I like to keep up on topical discussions and debates in the media. Most importantly I love reading and writing which is why I started this blog.


I’m a bit of nerd when it comes to school. I put a lot of pressure on myself to do well. I go to a mainstream state school out here in the western suburbs.

Currently in my second year of year 12. After my surgery last year, I had to make the decision to split my VCE over two years in order to manage the workload. Despite missing all my friends this year, I know it was the right decision. I get to go to school part-time and I’m focused on getting ready for the end of year exams. I hope to go on to university and study journalism.


Like I said earlier I’m very determined to achieve a lot of things. In terms of my personal life, I want to be a writer; a journalist and perhaps an author someday. I want to travel the world and work towards a life where I can live independently, perhaps in a little city apartment.

If I had to pin it down to just one thing, my goal is to change the world!… Yes, I know; it’s a little ambitious but that’s who I am. I want to somehow change people’s perspectives about the world and raise awareness about important issues. I want to inspire others to be the change they wish to see. I want to help those who are less fortunate and give those people a voice who might not have one.

This Blog

With all that said I give to you, my blog. This is my first small step towards achieving all of the aspirations and goals I have listed above. I’ve come to learn that I don’t really have a niche. I feel like I write about a very wide range of things. I might be writing about school life one week and politics the next. I write about living with a disability and being a teenager in the 21stcentury.

My goal for this blog is to hopefully shed some light on a few different issues. To inspire or simply entertain you. To take you on a journey as I navigate the big world out there. But most importantly to provide you with a different perspective.

So, grab a cuppa tea, and come see the world through my eyes.


Have a lovely day! xx

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