2021: A Year in Review

Well… in terms of blogging, you’d think this wasn’t such a great year for me. My consistency is at an all-time low. Forgive me. But in most other respects, 2021 turned out to be a pretty decent year. In January we started with a few decent months of chill times. I managed to squeeze in […]

The Wife Drought – What’s a Wife Worth?

The Wife Drought, written by award-winning Australian journalist Annabel Crabb, was first released back in 2014.

How has coronavirus affected me?

BUT here I am. I thought I would just share with you what’s been going on lately with me, and hopefully, you can relate.


Hello friends, family, followers, and newcomers. Welcome to my new WEBSITE! 

Growing up Disabled in Australia

Growing up Disabled in Australia is a non-fiction anthology comprised of works by Disabled artists, activists, politicians and more, from across the country.

I’m back and ready to talk!

Hello readers and welcome back to my blog. Long-time no read.

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