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Dance Explosion prides itself on many things. Its carefree and fun environment. Its diverse group of students. Its talented and dedicated teachers. And its wide range of dance styles to learn. Dance Explosion is purely a place of learning as well as creating long lasting friendships. It has created a warm and friendly environment that will make any aspiring dancer feel right at home.

Though we do not set out to compete or strive for prestige, it does not stop the school from producing some extraordinary talent. Dance Explosion has seen many of its students go on to bigger and greater things such as compete in national competitions and dance all over the world. We even have many students become teachers who go on to share what they’ve learnt with other young dancers.

Another point Dance Explosion is very proud of is its affiliation with rising star Tarik Frimpong. The son of much-loved teacher Wendy Russell Clarke and young man of just 23 years of age, has already racked up quite the impressive resume and travelled around the world. He made his professional theatre debut as a young boy, cast to play young Simba in Disney’s The Lion King. He then went on to be a back-up dancer for stars such as Justin Bieber. Most exciting of all, he was cast to play a role in the upcoming film; Mary Poppins returns, which is set to be released this Christmas.


Dance, I think many students at the school would agree, is something that brings people together and this could not be highlighted more by Monday’s holiday intensive classes, taught by special guest Tarik himself. Tarik had kindly offered to donate a full day of his time back home to providing Dance Explosion students and their friends with the opportunity to learn from him.

Tarik shared his talents in both Hip hop and Lyrical dance. Teaching girls as young as 9-12 years in the morning all the way up to 16 years and older by late afternoon. Though I did not take part in the dancing this time, I was invited to come along as photographer for the day and of course as a fellow enjoyer of all things dance.

You know it’s funny, in all the years I’ve known Wendy and been a part of the Dance Explosion family, I had yet to meet the famous Tarik in person. So far, he was simply the subject of many legendary stories. But I will happily report that after all this time he was certainly no disappointment. His fun and friendly attitude undoubtedly takes after his mother. And he is without question one of the most talented dancers I know.

Hip hop and Lyrical seemed to demonstrate a great mix of dance techniques taught to all the students. After warm ups, each class was taught an individual routine for both dance genres that was later performed to parents and teachers who I’m sure were as utterly impressed by the results as I was.


The girls who took part in this one day intensive seemed to have gained a lot of knowledge from Tarik but most importantly, I think they had fun as expressed by many smiles and much laughter. This day was again about nothing but getting experience. (No preparing for a concert even). And when I say it brought people together, I mean girls from all four studios were invited to come along, we got to meet people outside of the Dance Explosion family as well as catch up with old students and hear about what they’ve done since they had left.

Dance Explosion teachers and students were very pleased and thankful that Tarik offered up his time and wisdom. We wish him the best in all his future endeavours and hope he comes back again soon.

As for the students (and friends) themselves, I think everyone left that day feeling a mixture of tiredness as well as a sense of accomplishment or joy in the experience they received. I’m sure many of the students (like myself) are eager to get back to dancing after the holidays for another epic year.


Have a lovely day! xx

Claudia Forsberg is a Melbourne based writer and journalist. She is currently working as a Regional Trainee with ABC Ballarat.



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